JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 1 November 2016 Marbulutionz Holdings was selected to Exhibit as a Start-Up in the ALPHA track at this year’s Web Summit which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from November 7 to 10.

Having braved various competitions such as Dragons Den South Africa, The Inventors garage at the SA Innovation Summit for two years in a row, as well as the Samsung Launching People in collaboration with MeTime. Another highlights, among others include being an alumni of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and the biggest highlight, being able to pitch to Sir Richard Branson, Mr Mike Brown from Nedbank and Discovery CEO Mr Adrian Gore. Being just beyond the initial prototyping stages of The MUWS, a Multifunctional Universal Wall Socket, with built-in USB, Multipurpose electrical outlet, Wi-Fi and a host of other features…getting the MUWS to market has been a major challenge but the lessons learnt has been successfully passed on to other entrepreneurs trying to get new innovations to market.

Being selected as a start-up on the Alpha program at the Web Summit in Lisbon opens more doors, not only to Marbulutionz but also to the plethora of entrepreneurs and innovators in the South African start-up ecosystem who can do with the exposure and lessons learnt to curb the ever-decreasing employment opportunities. For Marbulutionz the exposure is invaluable.

Through a very generous contribution by BCX and MeTime, Marbulutionz is able to extend this experience to another Start-Up entrepreneur in the Tech Space, Edson Van Wyk who is young and ambitious and just oozes with brilliant ideas and technical development skills.

The experience and journey at the Web Summit will be shared live on all social media platforms. Just search for Marbulutionz and #MBZH_WebSummit2016.


About Marbulutionz Holdings:

Marbulutionz was started four years ago by Marlon Green with the vision of becoming the leading enabler of innovation in the South African start-up ecosystem by utilizing the most popular and easy to use tools available at the lowest cost possible. With this vision in mind, the invention of The MUWS was the first product out of the InnoVention stable that was created by and for Marbulutionz as a catalyst to showcase to other innovators and emerging entrepreneurs that a simple idea is not always simple but also very much doable and can morph into something great!


Marlon Green