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The MUWS (Multi-Functional Universal Wall Socket)


The Multi-functional Universal Wall Socket (The MUWS) has built in fast charging USB ports that effortlessly charges any device that uses a USB cable to recharge without the need for additional chargers and plug adapters. The MUWS is different because it can charge more than one device at a time without reducing the power output to each device, unlike other devices that either only has one USB port or in the instance where there are two USB ports - reduces the charging output when more than one device is charged at a time.  The MUWS has a truly universal travel adapter-like outlet built-in to cater for almost 80% of the world's plug requirements. 

The MUWS compliments any individual at any level, whether you are a traveler or a domestic consumer at home, the MUWS would provide consumers with a reliable experience whereby the need for bulky chargers would become a thing of the past.  Selected models will also contain a universal travel adapter built-in to cater for the requirements of any hotel, household, airport, office park or apartment building globally. Literally anywhere a standard wall socket can be seen, the MUWS can become a suitable replacement.  The MUWS reduces the risk of injury through its innovative and sleek cover that can be closed when the socket is not in use. This cover can also be customized to suit the decor requirements of the customer. In addition to the above features there is also the possibility for business owners in the retail and restaurant industries to earn advertising revenue from these sockets that would normally serve no purpose when not in use. The advertising revenue can be realized by selling advertising space on the plug covers.